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“The offer sheet is like property porn. I love to see great deals daily from across the country that would take me forever to find on Zillow. I love the data offered for each short-term rental property especially the monthly expected cash flow and occupancy rate. It's a delight to receive the email every day.”

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“What I really enjoy about the newsletter is seeing the properties that are off the beaten path. Helps me dream a bit, and at a manageable price point, so one day I can pull the trigger on these getaways. I haven't take steps to any purchases yet, but I could see myself doing so one day! ”

George Markos

“Hi! My husband and I love the Offer Sheet because we are always on the hunt for our next rental property! The Offer Sheet's daily email makes it easy to see cool properties across the country in places that we wouldn't think to look! It opens up the possibility to expand our portfolio by having a streamlined 10 or so properties per day in varied locations so we can hit the highlights without getting bogged down by choices. I look forward to receiving this email every day!”


“I do love your website and the daily emails. I have been in real estate for 14 years.”

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“I want to express how much I enjoy the daily listings. Thanks for building a great product.”

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“This is an incredible resource - thanks for putting it together! Closing on a house now so no longer need to subscribe, but I will sign back up in the future when I'm ready to purchase something again.”

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“I am a multiple property owner and manager for short short term rentals, and I am always on the lookout for investments.”

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