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The Offer Sheet daily newsletter curates and delivers nine (or more) of the most lucrative properties being listed daily in the US for potential short term rental investment.

Why subscribe?

  • Save countless hours every day scouting the best STR properties.

  • Receive nine (or more) of the best properties for short term rentals that hit the market the previous day, on a daily basis. Except Sunday. On Monday we’ll deliver inclusive of properties for the last two days.

  • We start with a pool of ~14,000 properties daily (average number hitting the market in the US per day) and curate to find a handful of the most lucrative and unique Airbnb/VRBO properties.

  • Only houses, no condos, or land included in this newsletter (for now).

Benefits of Paid Premium vs. Free Sub

  • Get the full list of 9-12 properties every day instead of just 1 or 2.

  • See the properties with the highest actual cash on cash return in each daily newsletter.

  • Private Facebook Group for the following use cases:

    • Partner up on buying an Airbnb with someone else

    • Selling an Airbnb as the owner or agent and want to share with the group

    • Off market deals

    • New STR regulations

    • Financing options

  • Airbnb starter kit that highlights all essentials needed to start an Airbnb, including furniture lists, locks, etc.

  • Coming soon: Tool that will allow filtering of all properties listed by state, price, monthly cash flow, cash on cash return, etc.

How do we choose?

  • Architecturally unique properties that often garner huge demand on Airbnb / VRBO.

  • Properties that will drive the highest cash on cash return and cash flow post expenses. We use tools like Airdna and Mashvisor for Airbnb income comps and then apply our own formula to account for uniqueness of property.

  • Location, location, location. Duh.

What does each property analysis include?

For each of the daily properties, we’ll include:

  • Monthly expected short term rental income, based on comps

  • Monthly expected expenses

  • Monthly expected cash flow

  • Expected occupancy rate

  • Expected cash on cash return

What assumptions are used in calculations?

  • 25% down payment, 75% mortgage

  • Monthly expenses include mortgage payment and other expenses such as property taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance, and full property management.

  • To repeat: assumptions include a baked in cost for full property management.

  • The cash on cash return also takes into account initial startup costs such as inspection, small repairs, small amount of furniture, and closing costs.

What else?

  • Access to the community to discuss the best deals & partner up

  • STR tips, tricks & recos around taxes, property management & regulation around the country

Sponsorship / Partner Opportunities

For sponsorship or partner opportunities, feel free to reach out to [email protected].