Meet Arrived, the platform fundamentally changing how investors invest in real estate

Our Q&A with Cofounder / CEO Ryan Frazier, investing as little as $100 into the best properties, and earning cash flow + appreciation

The Offer Sheet readers —

Today, we’re pumped to tell you more about Arrived, the fractional real estate investing platform that is changing the game in the real estate investing space.

If you’re anything like me - between work, family, chores, scrolling aimlessly on my phone, and trying to make leaf peeping plans with friends, there sometimes just isn’t enough time in the day to either build or scale that RE empire, amirite?

Arrived created a platform to make this easy peasy. You could invest anywhere between $100 - $50k in your favorite vetted properties, not deal with any of the headaches of management or optimization, and reap all the cash flow and appreciation value. Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff and other A-listers are big time investors in Arrived for a reason.

We sat down with Ryan Frazier, Cofounder and CEO of Arrived to get the full story and share more on how readers of this newsletter can get involved!

Ryan - welcome to The Offer Sheet’s Sunday Deep Dive. We are super excited to tell our readers about the great work you guys are doing at Arrived.

How exactly are you enabling anyone to so simply invest in real estate, from a first time investor to a pro?

Investing in real estate has long been a sought-after but largely inaccessible asset class to most investors. We built our platform to remove the barriers of entry that have been blockers for both non-accredited beginners and accredited investors.

Investors can quickly sign up and browse rental homes and vacation rentals across the country in less than 3-5 minutes, choose their favorites, and invest anything from $100 to $50,000 or more per property. After that, you can relax and earn rental income while participating in long-term property appreciation. Our experts handle everything from sourcing and preparing the property for rent, managing tenants, and everything else required to manage the asset.

If you're a professional investor, you will enjoy the seamless experience and access to in-depth data and calculators, along with pre-vetted properties carefully selected by our experts (less than 0.2% make the cut). Additionally, our platform lets you quickly diversify into new markets across a broader selection of properties if you already have several properties.

Whether you're a complete beginner looking to start your investment journey with $100 or an experienced pro aiming to expand your real estate empire with a million or more, Arrived is dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled investment experience.

What’s the minimum investment amount? How many investors do you already have on the platform and how much have you already invested into properties to date?

The minimum investment amount is only $100. We currently have over 460,000 investors registered on the Arrived platform and $120 million+ in property value owned by investors.

Can you choose which properties you want to invest in or is it more of a fund?

We are always expanding our product offerings, but currently, our primary investment product is focused on browsing individual single family homes and vacation rental properties, much like you might do on Zillow, and investing any amount between $100 and $50,000+ in any property you like. We have a team of experts who curate the properties we offer, with only 0.2% of the properties we evaluate ending up making the cut.

What is the Arrived story and how did you start this business?

Our three founders, myself, Kenny and Alejandro started Arrived so that more people would have an opportunity to build wealth through real estate. We found that while real estate has been one of the best ways to build wealth in this country, there were three main barriers people faced when trying to invest: time, expertise, and money. Arrived is meant to remove those barriers so that anybody can invest with the click of a button.

Why does Arrived stand out among the competition, and how did you get to be the biggest player in the fractional real estate space, and so quickly too?

We haven't focused much on competition, and we think that the real estate fractionalization space is still very early with a ton of opportunity to help people get into this asset class. A rising tide lifts all boats as we like to say. We are focused on offering the best possible experience and maximizing returns for our investors. That includes working hard to select assets that we think will perform well in the next few years, keeping fees low, and spending time to educate our potential investors on real estate as an asset class.

How does a reader of The Offer Sheet get involved with Arrived? Any favorable terms / perks / access for our readers??

We love The Offer Sheet and its readers. Readers can go to this link and use code “offersheet” to get $20 on us alongside your first Arrived investment. This promotion ends soon so we encourage you to act today.

What have the historic returns for investors looked like, and how does Arrived make money?

Great question!

Despite a tumultuous market, Arrived returns have been strong against the industry. We make our historical returns public at Please remember that past returns do not indicate future returns and Arrived cannot make guarantees on performance. What’s exciting is that real estate provides an asset class that provides both potential appreciation and rental income cash flow.

Currently Arrived’s costs are very competitive and transparent - Arrived makes money on a small sourcing fee and either AUM fee or gross rent’s fee (depending on the property type). You can see more here on how Arrived makes money.

As an investor, should I be looking to invest more into properties that will be operated as short term rentals vs. long term rentals? What are the pros and cons of each, and which are you more bullish about?

That’s definitely a fun question - and it’ll become even more exciting as Arrived adds more property and investment types on our platform in the near future.

Although we cannot provide investment advice - and encourage readers to speak to a financial advisor if that’s what they’re looking for - it is worthwhile mentioning the pros and cons of each asset type for consideration in anyone’s portfolio. Short term rentals tend to benefit from higher cash flow but come at the cost of higher upkeep and can be affected seasonally, both in positive and negative directions. On the other hand, long-term residential real estate benefits from less fluctuations and seasonality since leases are longer, but tends to have less routine cash flow.

What kind of support do you offer when getting started with the platform? Or is it simple enough to understand on a self-serve basis?

We provide best-in-class support. And we’re not just saying that. On top of our helpful learning center articles, FAQ, and routine webinars where you can ask questions live - we also provide timely support to make sure you have everything you need to absolutely fall in love with Arrived.

Luckily - we’ve also made our platform extremely easy and enjoyable to use. You can literally sign up, browse your favorite properties, and become an investor in less than 3-5 minutes.

What are future enhancements you are thinking of building in? What’s the long term vision for Arrived? Do you plan to eventually IPO?

Although I can’t share too much here yet - just know that we are not only looking to continue to improve our platform (what you’d expect from a best-in-class real estate investment platform), but we also plan to expand our investment product offerings very soon.

What would you say are the considerations for someone considering investing a chunk of their savings into a single property that they would run and manage themselves, vs. diversifying that across several Arrived properties (and not managing any of them)?

Good question. Again, although we cannot offer investment advice here are a few things to consider:

  • Lack of diversification and associated risks. On the flip side of that, full ownership (full control but perhaps more headaches and higher risk) versus fractional ownership (less headaches but don’t have full control).

  • Our fees compared against what it would cost to research, source, remodel, and manage a property on your side, including the work and time that goes into hiring property managers, legal, and more.

  • Doing your own research to find the best properties from scratch or selecting from an expert curated list.

Are you already or planning to get into the AI game, and if so how?

We already actively use AI tools within our company. But they do not replace the insanely smart brain power and work everyone on our team has and does, instead it complements it as a tool to assist our work. We’re combining the best of both worlds while continuing to stay at the leading edge of the best technology out there today.

Do you only offer properties in the US and if so, are there plans for future expansion beyond?

Currently, we are only offering properties in the US and we are also only open to US investors, both accredited and non-accredited. There are so many wonderful, untapped investment opportunities here in the US. That being said, an expansion outside the US, for both properties and investors, is always an option for the future.

What type of feedback are you receiving from your current customers?

Amazing feedback - which is why we’ve nearly doubled our pool of registered investors in the last year and are nearing 500,000.

Also - we’re actively looking to keep improving out platform and investment opportunities, which is why we take each and every question, comment, and request from our investors into consideration. We want to build a platform together that you not only fall in love with - but stay in love with for life.